Eviction Attorneys Tampa Bay

Eviction Attorneys Tampa Bay

We have two extremely qualified Eviction Attorneys, to handle your legal matters should you or someone you know have a need for it. Venessa Bornost, located in Clearwater, and Ryan A Featherstone, located in Sarasoto, Florida.

Venessa Bornost, P.A. – Eviction Attorney

As a former prosecutor and law enforcement officer, Venessa provides clients with the experience and first-hand knowledge of understanding the law enforcement, prosecutor, and defense sides of the legal system.
Phone: (727) 330-7800 | More Information
941 Douglas Ave, Suite B, Dunedin, Florida 34698

Attorney Ryan A. Featherstone

Law Offices of Dunlap & Moran, P.A.  Providing aggressive representation and enforcement of landlord’s and tenant’s rights in residential and commercial evictions, Ryan Featherstone offers both simple evictions (where only judgment for possession of the premises is sought), or alternatively, will pursue judgment for both possession and money damages.
Phone: 941-366-0115 Ext 1305 | More Informaton
22 South Links Ave, Suite 300, Sarasota, Florida 34236

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