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Get to the bottom of what is holding you back with life coaching. High-powered executives, athletes, musicians, medical professionals and anyone else that wants to believe in themselves.

What is holding YOU back in life?

Dr. Fleming's life coaching models and strategies are unprecedented in this field. Given that this field of practice is mostly unregulated, it is very hard to know who your coach really is. And to put faith in this process can be hard without solid knowledge of credentials, experience, and rates of success. When you work with Dr. Fleming, you will not be getting simplistic “believe in yourself” mantras that are as thin as the paper it is written on. Whether these sessions are done on the phone, in person, or at a neutral site, you will be getting a highly engaged strategy session that is based on science, practice and intuition…as well as years of success with the most resistant populations out there!

Did you know ...

  • 85 percent of self-change efforts fail.
  • 8 out of 10 people with a chronic illness who were told "change or die" still didn't change behavior.
  • A 10 percent return on investment from any skill-based training intervention.
  • Most life coaches have no formal training in neuroscience or the brain, the seat of all decision making power.
  • That the various credentialing bodies for life coaches are no where near the level of expertness around human behavior change knowledge that PhDs in counseling and clinical psychology receive.

Coaching for LIFE

With the reality of behavior change being more elusive than we think, coaching for life changes needs the highest bar possible to achieve the dreams we desire. With Dr. Fleming's world class, state of the art coaching services one receives the assurance of:

  • A PhD level former neuropsychologist who knows both the brain's fickleness and the mind's tricks that are at play in making us "feel like" we are changing
  • Cutting edge assessment technology to identify the decisional illusions at play in our goals and motivational mantras
  • A leader in "coach the coach" master training classes, as hundreds of coaches have sought out Dr. Fleming's wisdom
  • Confidence that if Fortune 100 CEO's, White House cabinet members, Hollywood actors, and NFL athletes have sought his expertise on life changing insights, than he can be a trusted source of wisdom for your own life goals

Dr. Fleming works with individuals, partners, or families with issues around:

  • Personal fulfillment
  • Success
  • Relationship effectiveness
  • Career / Work
  • Plateauing or "getting unstuck in life"
  • Addictions
  • Health behavior change

Dr. Fleming's outcomes are exceptional, as they are customized in a flat fee arrangement that works for clients all over the globe.

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